Delivering Technology and Efficiencies to the Fresh Produce Industry
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Delivering Technology and Efficiencies to the Fresh Produce Industry
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Innovate To Elevate

Posted: 21/06/2018

Delivering Technology & Efficiencies to the Fresh Food Industry


Research and development is increasingly becoming a significant focus on the agenda for ambitious businesses that aspire to be at the top of their industry. Here at Keelings Solutions, we’ve custom built a new research and development room with a focus on innovation and new technologies.

It’s not only about new inventions; it’s about using new and current resources in a more innovative way. It’s about keeping up with the times, while making sure you’re a step ahead of the pack. It’s also about doing something better than it’s already being done.

Our R&D room is designed to replicate life within the warehouse; the heartbeat of the Fresh Produce Industry. In an ever evolving industry, we’re driven to stay ahead in terms on innovation. One of our key contributors to this being our unrivalled industry knowledge. With almost 100 years of Fresh Produce Industry experience, it’s fair to say we know your business, we know your daily challenges and we know our ERP software can propel you to the next level.

Technology, like the Fresh Produce Industry is ever changing. With margins tight, people can be reluctant to invest in new software/technology which can ultimately leave them behind. According to the latest Fruit Logistica 2018 Trend Report, for those who engage in software’s & technologies, the future not only looks bright, but also fresh and green.

As well as inspiring our people, we’re exploring potential new tools of our trade i.e. robots, algorithms and programmatic. As the world demands more, we aim to push the limits of technology within the Fresh Produce Industry and want you to come on that journey with us.

 *The rate of change will never be slower than today.


See below, a sneak peek video of our research and development room in action!




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