Delivering Technology and Efficiencies to the Fresh Produce Industry
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Delivering Technology and Efficiencies to the Fresh Produce Industry

At Keelings Solutions, we provide companies in the Fresh Produce industry of a complete ERP-software solution including expert consulting services, in order to support all of their business processes.
Our customers in the Fruit and Vegetable industry use our ERP software system within all parts of their business, by purchasing, sales, logistics, cost control up to management information and more.
Similarly for compliance with the major laws and regulations, what is applied in this industry.
This will promote their quality and profitability, so as to provide a solid basis for growth. We also offer professional implementation and consultancy services, based on a unique way of approach and years of practical experience.

The software solution of Keelings Solutions is suitable for Fresh Produce trading companies, at the level of: import, export, wholesale, production (sorting and packaging), foodservice and on – and handling for third parties. Automation and the right AGF-software is not an end in itself, but a means to your business goals.

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The Keelings family has been in the Fresh Produce business for three generations and has been developing software for this industry since the 1980s. In 2012 Keelings created a separate business called Keelings Solutions. Benefiting from both the excellence of the software already developed and the industry knowledge of the team, Keelings Solutions created an ERP Product, uniquely built from inside the industry, that has now been implemented successfully in third party businesses across Europe and Asia.



We provide industry-focused software, built for the complex requirements of the Fresh Produce Industry. Our ERP software is built on more than 75 years of first-hand experience in this industry. It is this knowledge and experience that can give you the assurance that our software has the functionality required to meet the demands of your business today and to support its growth into the future.

At Keelings Solutions we adhere to best industry practices, standard operating procedures, and an ERP Product built entirely with the Fresh Produce Industry in mind. Our ERP software, built on decades of experience, provides functionality to deal with the every day challenges of Fresh Produce Industry, without having to customise and develop new functionality for every customer.

The Fresh Produce Industry has complexities that are uniquely different to other stock management or production industries and, therefore, an ERP Product that has been uniquely created to address those complexities is what's needed.
  • Procurement & Supplier Management
  • Warehouse Management Planning
  • Sales & Customer Management
  • EDI - ASN - XML
  • Management Reporting
  • Master Data
  • Food Safety, Quality & Traceability
  • Production & Value Add Services
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Accounts
  • Cost Management

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Whether you are a Fresh Food Distribution Centre, a Wholesale Produce Distributors, a Retail Packer & Processor, or a Food Services provider, our ERP software will enable your business to grow and succeed. In an industry where profit margins are always tight and constantly under pressure, Keelings Solutions ERP ensures your management team have the critical information to manage the business to optimum effectiveness.

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Critical to the success of any implementation is the professional team Keelings Solutions ERP brings to the implementation of our solutions. Specialists in the Fresh Produce Industry, our project management teams will share best practice and their detailed knowledge which together simplify the implementation process and sets your company up for success. We speak your language.
  • Business Intelligence and Data analysis

    Management information is critical for making good business decisions. We make accessing critical data easy via intuitive Business Intelligence software which extracts data directly from the ERP database and converts it into meaningful and valuable information that the business can use to make better decisions quickly. And even if you are not using all the modules of our ERP software, the Business Intelligence software...

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  • Implementations

    We understand that implementing an ERP system in your business may require changes to your ways of working. As part of our Implementation service we can help our customers to adapt their operating model to optimise the benefits of our ERP system. The ERP system will help you to standardise processes and we can help you design, develop, and implement new SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to help...

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  • Training and Accreditation

    Keeling Solutions believes that training in its ERP Software does not end with the implementation going live. In order to maximise the benefits of our ERP software we offer continuous training and accreditation as an option in your support package. One of the things that makes Keelings Solutions unique is how we offer reductions in support charges where staff in a client company...

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  • ERP Implementation Readiness Audit

    With our extensive knowledge of the Fresh produce sector, Keelings Solutions offers a unique service to our Clients whereby we carry out an Initial Business Review (IBR). The purpose of the IBR is to review the business’ processes, evaluate its readiness for an ERP Implementation, and ensure that a strong business case exists for that implementation. This can be a...

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